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A team of five teenaged superheroes save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things normal teens face today.

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original title: Teen Titans

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 7.1

duration: 30min



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In a major city, Robin the Boy Wonder leads his own team of superheroes, The Teen Titans. With his teammates, the dark Raven, the powerful Cyborg, the flighty alien princess Starfire and the flippant Beast Boy; the team battles the forces of evil where ever they appear like the enigmatic Slade, the diabolical Brother Blood or the malevolently cosmic Trigon. A team of five teenaged superheroes save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things normal teens face today. What can I say about this show? Since the first episode, I was hooked. Being an anime fan, I found this series to be not only full of great action, but full of brilliant humour as well! The voice actors are among the best of the best. Tara Strong as Raven is brilliant, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy was wonderful, and not forgetting Scott Menville as Robin, he really brought out the teen hero that made him a popular character (although Raven is my favourite Titan!!).

If there's one animated series that you must watch, make it this one! It's full of action and brilliant comedy that will definitely become a classic for years to come! As much as I like Justice League,I was disappointed when I saw the preview thinking it was going to be another Justice League.However,I did some research and found the characters backgrounds very interesting.What caught my attention was the next preview of Teen Titans which showed some anime style happening so I thought,why not.After watching Final Exam(premiere of TT)I was really happy I gave Teen Titans a chance because the premiere really captured the characters personalities and the voices for each character are very talented.

I like the fact that Marv Wolfman(creator of the series) made Robin the leader to show how strong of a leader and a friend he makes now that he's on his own without Batman.The other Teen Titans are also very enjoyable and easy for people especially teens and kids to relate to.This series is quite impressive because it not only appeals to younger audiences but also appeals to older audiences.

While most episodes are filled with high comedy,some episodes can be very dramatic.Personally,this series helps viewers see not even heroes/heroines are completely invincible but you don't have to have powers or be a certain age to be a hero/heroine.The writers of most episodes send a message to viewers saying even if these teenagers don't go to school,have parents and have total independence,this young team of heroes still has to go through the same problems regular teens have to face.Throughout the series,the writers create episodes based on the characters and their origins,the bonds between the teammates growing stronger or just random yet enjoyable hilarity.This must be one of Cartoon Networks' best series.Great storyboarding,great music and great plot.I'd like to rate this 5 out of 5 stars. The Teen Titans are a group of teen-age superheroes who have banded together to fight crime in the fictional, west-coast Jump City, U.S.A. The core team consists of Robin (the leader), Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire. In the comics, the founding members of the original Teen Titans were: Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Aqualad (Garth) and Speedy (Roy Harper). Yes. Cartoon Network's Teen Titans ended after a successful 5-season, 60-episode run. DC's spin-off comic book Teen Titans Go! was cancelled after running 55 issues. The series mostly treats the Titans as if they don't have secret identities; generally, it just doesn't deal with the issue.

  • In the cases of Raven and Starfire, they are using their real names ("Starfire" being the English translation of the Tamaranean name "Koriand'r"--see the episode "Betrothed"). In later years, the comic-book Raven would take the name Rachel Roth (after her mother Arella's birthname of Angela Roth).

  • In the episode "Deception", Cyborg goes undercover at the HIVE Academy using the name "Stone"--a nod to his comic-book identity as Victor Stone.

  • Beast Boy's real name, Garfield, is revealed in the episode "Homecoming (Part Two)". His full name, Garfield Mark Logan, is given in "Wacky Wednesday" in TEEN TITANS GO! #53, the May 2008 issue.

  • Robin is the former partner of the Batman. Although there are 3 Robins. He's definitely Dick Grayson given his relationship with Starfire and circus origins as seen in Haunted. However, some of Tim Drake and Jason's mannerisms and personalities traits were given to the character.
Unknown definitely between 14-18. Cyborg is definitely at least 16 since he can drive and is the oldest. Beast Boy is the youngest. Robin has no super powers. However, he is a highly-trained martial artist and has advanced detective skills, trained by the Batman himself. He often fights with a bo staff or his custom-made birdarangs.

In the comics it was explained that Beast Boy caught a rare illness as a child that was fatal to humans but not to animals. His parents used an experimental treatment that cured him and gave him the ability to take the form and abilities of any animal (and turned him green). After his parents died, Beast Boy became the junior member of the Doom Patrol and, after leaving the Doom Patrol, a Titan.

Cyborg was almost killed in a laboratory explosion. His father saved his life by turning him into a bionic teen--a cyborg. Cyborg is incredibly strong and tough. Built-in sensors allow him to scan various electromagnetic frequencies. A sonic sensing device in his right arm/hand converts into a sonic cannon.

Raven is the daughter of a human mother (Arella) and the demon Trigon. She was raised in the extradimensional Temple Azarath. Raven can magically fly, teleport and telekinetically move even large objects. She has empathic healing abilities and can summon her shadowy "soul-self", which she has used to envelop enemies to capture and incapacitate them. Raven can also cast magic spells.

Starfire is a princess of the ruling family of the planet Tamaran. She is also incredibly strong and was trained in martial combat by the Warlords of Okaara. She can fly and can fire "star-bolts" from her hands (and later, her eyes). She can also absorb languages instantaneously through lip contact. Starfire's Tamaranean name is Koriand'r. She has a sister (Blackfire) and (according to the Teen Titans Go! comic-book spin off) a brother (Wildfire). Titans Tower was constructed by Cyborg from the remains of a Gordanian spaceship that crashed onto a small island just off the coast near Jump City (see the fifth season episode "Go!"). In the comics, the original Titans Tower was located on a small island in the East River near New York City; it was built in secret by Cyborg's father as a gift to his son. The crashed spaceship may have also been an homage to the original headquarters of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Slade is based on the character of Deathstroke the Terminator from THE NEW TEEN TITANS comic book series. Deathstroke is a mercenary and assassin-for-hire named Slade Wilson. When he was translated to the Teen Titans animated series he just became "Slade" and was made into a more proactive villain--initiating his own schemes and plots. Slade is voiced by actor Ron Perlman. Red X was originally a disguise worn by Robin in order to try to gain more information about Slade (episode 1.9, "Masks"). Later, a mysterious thief stole the Red X suit from Titans Tower and took the identity for himself (episode 3.2, "X"). His (or her?) true identity remains unknown (although Teen Titans producer Glen Murakami says that a secret identity for Red X was decided upon). Red X is voiced by Scott Menville (who is also the voice-actor for Robin). Besides Terra and Titans East, the Teen Titans meet a number of other super-powered teens over the course of the series: Thunder and Lightning (first seen in the episode "Forces of Nature"); Hotspot ("Winner Takes All"); Wildebeest ("Winner Takes All"); Red Star ("Snowblind"); Kole and Gnarrk ("Kole"); Kid Flash ("Lightspeed"); Jericho, Herald, Killowat, Argent, Pantha and Bushido (all introduced in "Calling All Titans"); also, the three super-powered children (from "Hide and Seek") Teether, Timmy Tantrum and Melvin (with Melvin's invisible friend Bobby). In THE NEW TEEN TITANS the H.I.V.E. was the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination. It was formed by the H.I.V.E. Master, who gathered together seven other criminal scientists to attempt to gain world domination through terrorism and political manipulation, as well as eliminating potential threats such as the Teen Titans. In the animated Teen Titans series, the Hive Academy is a semi-secret school run by Brother Blood for training future super-villains. Yes, Kid Flash (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum--who also provided the voice of the Flash on Cartoon Network's "Justice League") makes a guest-appearance in the fifth-season episodes "Lightspeed" and "Titans Together." Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) was not only a founding member of the comic-book Teen Titans, she was also in THE NEW TEEN TITANS comics series that this show was based on. Nevertheless, she never made an official appearance or mentioning on this show due to licensing issues. However, Wonder Girl (looking much like the comic-book Donna Troy) has brief cameo appearances in the episodes "Homecoming (Part Two)" and "Calling All Titans". She has also appeared in TEEN TITANS GO!--the comic book spun off from the animated series. When Starfire first arrived on Earth she didn't know any Earth languages. Tamaraneans have to ability to learn languages instantaneously through lip contact. All we are told is that it is Robin's most prized possession. It doesn't matter what it really is--the case is just a "MacGuffin"--a plot-device used to get the story rolling. No one really knows; she just shows up as a high-school student using a different name claiming that she doesn't remember being Terra and that she doesn't have special powers. Raven's guess was, "Maybe the effect [that turned her to stone] just wore off." It has also been speculated that she was revived when Trigon was defeated, along with everyone who had been turned to stone by Trigon.


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